Our  Security Smoke Services cover Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and further. 

  1. Intruder breaks-in
  2. Smoke Screen activates
  3. Room fills with smoke
  4. Goods hidden
  5. Crime over

Smoke Screen security is the ultimate weapon against burglary and criminal damage. Smoke Screen protects property and goods by releasing a thick non toxic vapour similar to smoke, it creates zero visibility in seconds, similar to being in extremely thick fog which disorientates intruders. The sudden release of smoke will shock and confuse any burglar forcing them to retreat from the property and leaving valuables untouched.

Smoke Screen security reacts in seconds, meaning that the burglary is over almost as soon as it’s begun.


Ultimate Protection

Security fogging is an efficient, effective and practical method of deterring thieves, after all,

Thieves can’t steal what they can’t see!!!.

Shutters and grilles can make your business look unattractive and uninviting.

In addition, if a thief is determined enough then these measures alone won’t stop them and any break-in will result in expensive damage and repairs.

Smoke Screen, on the other hand, is low-profile and fits neatly onto the wall or ceiling.

Should the worst happen and your property is broken into,  Smoke Screen activates, protects your goods form visibility,

Once its done its job, then it dissipates leaving no residue and no damage.

Watch the video to see SMOKE SCREEN in action!!!


Neil Mills
Neil Mills
17:59 30 Apr 18
Neil has done quite a few jobs for me now. I always use him as you know he will turn up when he has said he would, on time and has always been most reliable. He explains the job he will carry out and gets it done. Always leaves the place clean and tidy, then shows you work carried out and ensures you are happy with the results. 100% satisfied with his customer service. Wouldn't use anyone else.
Terence Snowden
Terence Snowden
17:12 28 Apr 18
A first class service. Friendly. Competative price. Clean and tidy worker. Would highly recommend.
Mildred Sheppard
Mildred Sheppard
13:33 08 Oct 17
Neil fitted me a wireless alarm system, he did a brilliant job. Neil is very pleasant and helpful anybody wanting a alarm should contact neil, he is the best
Stuart Ellis
Stuart Ellis
09:30 01 Aug 17
Neil has just installed a wireless system for me. He arrived on time removed the old and installed the new system clearing away as he went, was pleasant and courteous throughout. I would recommend him and his company to anyone.
catherine joyes
catherine joyes
10:27 23 May 17
Freindly and professional service when installing security system in our property and would highly recommend to anyone.
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